Keep Your Heart Happy

The right food is key to keeping your heart happy. Making simple changes in your day-to-day eating habits can substantially lower your risk for heart disease. Here are seven tips on how you can eat healthier:

  1. Stock your cabinet with heart-healthy items like low-salt canned beans, tuna, salmon, tomatoes, and marinara sauce.

  2. Use whole grain pastas, brown rice, and other easy-to-make grains like couscous and quinoa.

  3. Use healthy cooking oils. Using olive oil instead of traditional oils that contain trans fats can lower your cholesterol.

  4. For baking, use whole-wheat flour in substitute for white flour. Cornmeal is also a great substitute for making bread or muffins.

  5. Eat more fish. Eating fish like salmon or trout instead of red meats can help had Omega-3 to your diet.

  6. Don’t use a lot of butter. Substitute butter for olive oil or low fat margarine.

  7. Snack on nuts and seeds. They are great sources for protein and polyunsaturated fats.

Make Your Promise

I commit to keeping my heart beating strong!

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